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Justice League (2017) is A Complete Mess

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ENFORCING DIVERSITY IN POST-MODERN STORYTELLING AND HOW IT AFFECTS THE QUALITY OF MOTION PICTURES By Nabil Bakri (American Studies 2018) how to cite: Bakri, Nabil. 2019. "Enforcing Diversity in Post-Modern Story-Telling and how it Affects the Quality of Motion Pictures". Platinum Generation: Accessed (add time and date).

INTRODUCTION With the release of Frozen in 2013, Disney tried to change the image of traditional Disney Princess formula of a girl meets boy and the involvement of a true love’s kiss to break an evil spell. Disney received negative criticism from the third-wave feminist for their depictions of the Disney Princess(es) (Hains, 2016 and Willet (n.d)) that were considered as the opposite of women empowerment and a support to patriarchy in which a prince is always depicted as the saviour. Although Disney had already released a heroine Princess character in 1995 with Pocahontas and the film was praised for its beautiful style and songs,…

How Culture Relates to Psychology

"How culture relates to psychology based on Mead and Benedict’s"  by Nabil Bakri
this article is listed on Social Science Theory Class, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia

Since the terms ‘culture’ and ‘psychology’ belong to two grand areas of expertise, one might question the relation, if any, between these two different subjects. With an even more rapid changes and developments of academic studies propelled by the rise of the post-modern era which legitimatizes heterogeneity (eclecticism) in different areas of expertise, such a question becomes even more crucial. In order to investigate the relation, however, the first aspect to scrutinize should be the definitions of the two subjects in search for, if any, similar characteristics or to underpin the differences. Almost all psychology books give the straightforward answer concerning the definition of the subject. In the book Psychology (Lerner. et al. 1986:4) the term ‘psychology’ is clearly defined as “the scientific study of m…

Is Disney’s 'Song of the South' Inherently Racist?

By Nabil Bakri
American Studies, Gadjah Mada University 2019
how to cite: Bakri, Nabil. 2019. "Is Disney's Song of the South Inherently Racist?". Platinum Generation: Accessed (add time and date).
the complete list of reference and bibliography is available offline, please contact the writer for the complete list, it will not be presented in this page.

During the rise of DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) in the late 90s followed by a great exodus of movie studios transferring their analogue movies (from film rolls and VHS tapes) to digital platforms, a moment of which 20th Century Fox referred to as when ‘DVD Rules the Planet’ (a supplementary information booklet to Planet of the Apes DVD, 2001), Disney locked its cinematic ‘masterpiece’ Song of the South away from a digital release. While other studios saw the opportunity to release, for the very first time, all of their classic movie catalogues in stunning digital transfer offered by the…